This year’s projects list has been developed with a view for a broader project partnership strategy and a higher focus on economic development. RDA Adelaide Board has therefore endorsed the following projects to ensure that the community directly benefits from this focus. The projects selected have been endorsed having been identified through evidence-based analysis and developed in consultation and engagement with stakeholders. Working with partners and collaboration will maximise the RDA Adelaide’s capacity. The primary projects, either managed by RDA Adelaide or by a partner, focus on facilitating economic development by assisting the private and NFP sectors to gain investment.
Primary projects managed by RDA Adelaide or partner
Primary projects have a greater opportunity to move quickly and assist the economic development activities in the region. The main objective will be to assist stakeholders to gain greater investment in the region. Whilst these primary projects also have a key objective to assist economic development in the region, the projects require a partner to market and/or manage the project.
Secondary projects will be actioned by another entity where RDA Adelaide participates as a member of a committee.


Other projects FYI


RDA Adelaide Grant writer Project: The Grant writer project is a series of half day workshops free of charge for staff from the Councils and the Not for Profit sector. The workshops are designed to assist the regionto gain greater successs with raising investment funds to their projects.

RDA Adelaide have recruited Strategic Sight to assist with the delivery of these Grant writer-Investment attraction workshops. Strategic Sight is a business improvement consultancy centred on building value for its clients by assisting clients to transform their strategic vision into reality.

Strategic Sight operates by complementing existing client business skills to develop, execute and embed new strategies that elevate the business to a higher level of performance.

Our range of services include, development of business plans and new business models, project management and planning, market research, creation of innovation strategies, operational efficiency and process optimisation, financial analysis and preparation of funding strategies including grant applications.

 For further information contact Mr Saindhav Tamhane at


Flinders University Spill Over Research briefing was supported by funding from RDA Adelaide

The suite of maritime defence projects is among the most sophisticated engineering endeavours ever undertaken in Australia. As well as providing highly desirable and strategically valuable opportunities for Australian industry participation, major defence projects demand highly skilled and qualified people. They also generate a range of spillovers, which are economic and social benefits that cannot be easily captured by the firms directly involved in the delivery of a major project. This includes knowledge, technologies, enterprise capabilities and workforce skills developed or applied during the course of a major defence project that have commercial application.

Click here to download the AITI Briefing report.


New RDA Mentoring Project

Click here to download the RDA Adelaide SAYES Mentoring Project report.


New freight terminal to create jobs in South Australia

Last Grant Funding Project to assist Economic Development: A new intermodal freight terminal will be established in Penfield, South Australia which will create hundreds of jobs, take trucks off local roads and cut transport costs for the state’s businesses. Click here to read more.

RDAF5 Round 5


RDA Adelaide triple launch

Congratulations to everyone involved in the RDA Adelaide triple launch, we had 60 attendees, with the majority from our Primary stakeholder group.

RDA Adelaide Workforce Development Research Project (PDF)

Launch of Rounds Three and Four of the Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF)

Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, the Hon Simon Crean MP, today launched Rounds Three and Four of the Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF). The rounds will open on Thursday 25 October 2012. Read the full press release

Patient Village To Help Fight Against Leukaemia

People battling leukaemia in regional South Australia and neighbouring states will have better access to support services after the Federal Government invested $3.9 million to build a Leukaemia Patient Village through the second round of the Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF). Read the full press release.

Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF)

The Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) guidelines can be found at

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